Visiting Hours To Your Favorite Stables Are Unlimited

It could depend on just how good you become at this splendid game. It will be splendid if you’re really into the horses. To keep up your fascination with the equine species, you’ll be able to open new doors to your knowledge reservoir. In fact, before long, you’ll know more about horses than any other good stable hand out there. Or is this saying too much for you at this time? Well, sorry for the excitement.

As you discover rare breeds, you’ll be part of the Star Stable. Your most important function will be that of a Star Rider. As the best jockey in Jorik, you’ll be breezing your way towards new friendships. The all have something in common with you. They love their horses just as much as you do yours. But still, it is early days. You’re going to be up against really talented jockeys, and don’t even expect the king and queen’s stalwarts, the brave knights in shining armor to come rushing to your aid when the villains come crawling out of the forests and over the hills to nab you.

So, this is why you’re going to need to build your stables up with some of the finest stallions in the land. You’ll be able to gallop your way out of danger. This, really, is part of the thrill of being an active member of this mythical, fairy tale like landscape. The story must have its fair share of excitement, thrills and spills.

For the time being, do fantasize about your future role in this fantastical land. While you’ll need to keep yourself fully up to date with regular gaming updates, you can as often as you like, because in order for you to become a star rider, you’re going to need to spend as much time with all the characters and fellow players as possible. You can read some of the older stories and see how the journeys unfolded for some of the seasoned players already part of the Star Stable line-up.


This, guys, really is a fun game to play. And, geez, don’t ever say you’re not into gaming. Like, which rock did you crawl out from under from? Or are you a caveman on another planet. Cavemen don’t have smart mobiles like you do, see. Learn as much about the horses as you can and please always have fun.